June 22 11:00 AM

Chair at table for 1-4p (book # in group)

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Price: $1.00 Duration: 1 hr Group Size: 1 - 2 Guests

Reserve 1-4 chairs at a table to enjoy some wine inside! Reservation is for 1 hour, WINE SOLD SEPARATELY (for 1-4 people only- we are asking that groups >4 have outside tables only)


In accordance with the Michigan Health Rules in affect please wear a mask when arriving and when not actively drinking your wine unless fully vaccinated.


To limit crowding we are asking everyone to reserve a table if you want to enjoy your wine inside. Reserve for the number of people for the table, 1-4 people only at inside tablesLarger groups must stay outside please. There is the nominal fee of $1 (plus a $1 tip for staff) to hold each chair at your table for 1-4 people.   

You will purchase the wine choices once you arrive (or you may do so from the website 48-hours before reservation by purchasing 'wine for outside').  

We are asking that ALL tasting room visits make a reservation in advance to prevent lines, congestion, and to limit interactions. When you arrive at the winery please “check-in” then you may purchase and 'pick-up' a flight or glass at the bar. The cost for a glass (or flight) is $10-wine+$2-tip+tax. Once you pick-up your wine you will make your way to your table.

What we will ask of you during these difficult times:

1. When inside please wear a facemask and appropriately social distance unless fully vaccinated.

2. This reservation is for 60 minutes. (please arrive 10-15 before your time to have time to pick-up your wine)

3. You may prepurchase wine or you may purchase wine when you arrive. Choices will include either a 5oz. glass of wine or a flight of 3-wines (1.5-2oz ea)

4. Each reservation will also have a $1 service fee which will be given to your server as a tip 

5. You will have an opportunity to add food items, bottles of wine to-go, and other products to a ticket when you pick up your wine flight (or glass).  

Yes! you do have to enter your 'shipping' details even though we won't actually ship you the table! :-)  It is as if we are mailing you tickets to an event, so our system does require these details.
If arriving by UBER, chances are you will not find a ride when you are done.  Please plan rides ahead in this rural environment!