March 1 11:00 AM

(Flight or Glass) Reservations (outside!)

Monday, March 1, 2021

Price: $10.00 Duration: 30 min Group Size: 1 - 6 Guests

Order a tasting flight of 3 wines (or a glass of wine) to enjoy on our patio. (consumption will be outside unless separate IGLOO/TABLE reservation made) -click VIEW DETAIL

Wine Flights (or Glasses of Wine) pre-order

To prevent lines, congestion, and to limit interactions we are asking that ALL tasting room visitors RESERVE a tasting-flight (or glass of wine). This reservation basically guarantees your pick-up time. You will decide which flight (or glass of wine) you would like once you arrive at the wine bar- FLIGHTS are 3 wines (approx. 1.5-2 oz pours) or you may choose a GLASS of wine (5 oz).   This offer is for OUTSIDE CONSUMPTION, NO MATTER THE WEATHER (or you may separately book an IGLOO or INSIDE TABEL but they limited and may sell out!)

When you arrive at the winery we will “check you in” for 'pick-up' of your flight (or glass) at the bar. Once you pick-up your wine we will ask that you head outside (to a table or onto the lawn). With ample space outside, on either our east patio or west lawn, you can be assured that you'll enjoy 'social distance' from other guests. We will try to have a fire burning for warmth and ambiance.

What we will ask of you during these difficult times:

1. When inside please wear a facemask and appropriately social distance.  Even when you are outside, if you are with people not of your immediate household, you should wear a facemask if you are not able to maintain 6ft distances. Please wear you mask whenever you are not actively eating or drinking.

2. Flights will have pre-designed flight suggestions: Sweet Flight, Dry Flight, Bubbly Flight, Reserve Dry Wines

3. Each ticket will have a $2 service fee which will be given to your server as a tip.

4. You will have an opportunity to add food items, bottles of wine to-go, and other products to a ticket when you pick up your wine flight (or glass).

5.  Please WEAR WEATHER APPROPRIATE CLOTHING you will be OUTSIDE. If you need to cancel, we will offer a refund only if you EMAIL at least 1-hour before your reserved time.   "THERE IS NO 'BAD' WEATHER, ONLY QUESTIONABLE WARDROBE CHOICES!" :)

Yes! you do have to enter your 'shipping' details even though we won't actually ship you the glass of wine! :)  It is as if we are mailing you tickets to an event, so our system does require these details.