October 4 11:00 AM

(Flight or Glass) Prepay

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Price: $10.00 Duration: 30 min Group Size: 1 - 18 Guests

Prepay for your wine visit! We’ve simplified to have all options at the same price. Pay now, decide at the bar what you’d like. -click VIEW DETAILS

Prepay for your wine visit! We’ve simplified to have all options at the same price. Pay now, decide at the bar what you’d like.

While not required it is recommended that visitors to our winery make a pre-paid reservation online. A reservation simply pre-pays for a wine option! All options are the same price – $12.60 ($10 wine-choice, +$2 tip/service-fee, +$.60-tax). 


At the bar you may choose between:

  • a tasting-flight of 3 wines (pre-designed flight OR create your own)
  • a glass-of-wine
  • or a seasonal specialty drink (think spiked hot-cocoa or wine slushie)


Good things to know:

  • When you arrive at the winery, simply check-in at the bar with your confirmation number or phone number.
  • Once you pick-up your wine you may find a table, either inside or outside depending upon weather and availability. We do not limit the amount of time you spend with us
  • We will try to have a fire burning on cold days for warmth and ambiance, but please wear weather appropriate clothing if you might be outside. Remember in Michigan “there is no ‘bad weather’ only questionable wardrobe choices :)
  • Yes! you do have to enter your 'shipping' details even though we won't actually ship you the glass of wine! :)  It is as if we are mailing you tickets to an event, so our system does require these details.
  • We love all the ride-services, but they do not yet have enough drivers in our area.  If you arrive by UBER/LYFT/ETC plan your pick-up when getting dropped off to avoid being ‘stranded’.  It’s about a 4-hour walk back to the city.
  • If you need to cancel a full refund will be issued if you EMAIL at least 1-hour before the reservation time 
  • Please buy bottles to take home after your tasting, this is the best way to support our local, agricultural business.