December 3 11:00 AM

(Flight or Glass) Reso (Outside IGLOO)

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Price: $15.00 - $60.00 Duration: 50 min Group Size: 1 - 6 Guests

Reserve an IGLOO to enjoy some wine! Reservation assumes 4p (even though "ticket" is for "1 adult"). (50min/reservation) (SINGLE HOUSEHOLDS ONLY 11/18-12/9/2020)

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Blackout Date
Reservations are not available for this date.

Wine Flights (or Glasses of Wine) pre-order with reserved IGLOO

In accordance with the new Michigan Health Rules in affect from 11/18-12/9/2020 all guests inside an IGLOO must be from a single household


As the weather turns colder you may reserve an IGLOO in which to enjoy your wine!  This reservation will pre-book a flight/glass with an igloo for 4 people, but you may add on up to an additional 2 people with each having a flight/glass also (each igloo accommodates 4-6, but we are forcing our website to work for this and it will say "1-Adult" but the $60 ticket is for an igloo reservation for 4).  (From 11/18/2020-12/8/2020 in compliance with the intent of the Michigan Health code rules we are limiting igloos to a maximum of 6 people)

We are asking that ALL tasting room visits make a reservation in advance to prevent lines, congestion, and to limit interactions, but most reservations don't guarantee a table (as this one does).  

When you arrive at the winery we will “check you in” for 'pick-up' of your flight or glass at the bar. Once you pick-up your wine we will have an IGLOO ready for you on our patio.

What we will ask of you during these difficult times:

1. When inside please wear a facemask and appropriately social distance.  

2. This reservation is for 60 minutes. 

3. Flights will have these pre-designed flights available (may change as needed), currently you will please choose from:  Sweet Flight, Dry Flight, Bubbly Flight, or Reserve Dry Wines

We will do our best to accommodate substitution choices depending upon timing and crowds, please browse the wines on our website if you'd like more details on our wines. ( If you wish to have specific wines for your flight (or glass) please let your server know when you arrive.  

4. Each ticket is for 4 flights (or glasses of wine) and an IGLOO.  You may book up to 2 extra people with a wine choice.  A group of 2 may book the igloo but there will be no reduction in price for fewer people. Each ticket will also have a $8 service fee per IGLOO which will be given to your server as a tip (tips for unused flights may not be applied toward bottle purchases)

4. Once you have arrived, and checked-in, send most of your group directly to your igloo.  Buddy up! One person can carry wine for 2 people, this limits the number of people inside waiting. 

5. You will have an opportunity to add food items, bottles of wine to-go, and other products to a ticket when you pick up your wine flight (or glass).  Orders for wine to-go will be ready to pick-up within a short time, or you can pre-order from our website now and we'll have your order pre-packaged.

Yes! you do have to enter your 'shipping' details even though we won't actually ship you the glass of wine! :)  It is as if we are mailing you tickets to an event, so our system does require these details.

YOU SHOULD NOT BUY AN "EXTRA PERSON" TICKET IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN IGLOO ALREADY BOOKED!  We have only 3 IGLOOS, and each may be booked for 4-6 people. Our system may LOOK LIKE we have 'AVAILABILTY' if the guests who booked the igloo haven't added extra guests to the igloo reservation.