September 23 11:00 AM

(Flight or Glass) Reservations

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Price: $10.00 Duration: 30 min Group Size: 1 - 4 Guests

All visits in 2020 are by reservation. Order a tasting flight of 3 wines (or a glass of wine) to enjoy on our patio. Order here for dates/times <9/25/20 (other links for 9/25>) See details below!

Wine Flights (or Glasses of Wine) pre-order

To prevent lines, congestion, and to limit interactions we are asking that ALL tasting room visits RESERVE a tasting-flight or glass of wine. Choose your time and then choose FLIGHT of 3 wines (approx. 1.5-2 oz pours) or GLASS of wine (5 oz). You will decide which flight or glass of wine you would like once you arrive at the wine bar.  

When you arrive at the winery we will “check you in” for 'pick-up' of your flight or glass at the bar. Once you pick-up your wine we will ask that you head outside to a table. With ample seating outside, on either our east patio or west lawn, you can be assured that you'll enjoy 'social distance' from other guests. 

What we will ask of you during these difficult times:

1. When inside it is legally required to please wear a facemask and appropriately social distance.  Even when you are outside, if you are with people not of your immediate household, you are legally required to wear a facemask if you are not able to maintain 6ft distances.

2. Flights will have these pre-designed flights available, please choose from:

    Sweet Flight: Late Harvest Riesling, Bubbly Cherry, Nice Red

    Dry Flight: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Naughty Red

    Bubbly Flight: Celebrate, Beguile, Bubbly Cherry

    Reserve Dry Wines: Reserve Dry Riesling, Reserve Trio, Reserve Malbec

We will do our best to accommodate substitution choices depending upon timing and crowds, please browse the wines on our website if you'd like more details on our wines. ( If you wish to have specific wines for your flight (or glass) please use the comment section when checking out to note your choices.  

3. Each ticket will have a $2 service fee which will be given to your server as a tip.

4. You will have an opportunity to add food items, bottles of wine to-go, and other products to a ticket when you pick up your wine flight (or glass).  Orders for wine to-go will be ready to pick-up within a short time, or you can pre-order from our website now and we'll have your order pre-packaged.

5. For groups with more than 3 people if possible, please designate 1 or 2 members of your group to enter the winery for pickup to help limit crowding. Any guests without masks must wait outside while another masked member of your group comes inside to retrieve wines.  Please have all children wait outside while an adult picks up the wine if at all possible.

6. We have very few tables inside in the case of inclement weather.  Please BRING UMBRELLAS if the weather looks inclement.

Yes! you do have to enter your 'shipping' details even though we won't actually ship you the glass of wine! :)  It is as if we are mailing you tickets to an event, so our system does require these details.


Group Wine tastings

Our current wine reservation system limits reservations to 4 per ticket.  We realize that some people are traveling in groups larger than 4, and with people who are not from their immediate household. Per the governor's latest order if you are with people not from your immediate household and cannot stay 6-ft distant (even outside) you must wear masks at all times. Current health recommendations suggest masks and 6ft buffers for anyone not in your immediate household. 

 The likelihood of large groups bringing COVID into our facility is much greater- it would be of risk to our staff, and could potentially cause a shutdown by the governor of all wineries in Northern Michigan if we have an outbreak.   Quite frankly, there is no ‘safe’ way for a large group of people to travel together.  Gatherings larger than 10 are prohibited by the State, but even groups of 10 or fewer create greater risk. While it is possible that a group could make multiple reservations of 4, when a large group enters our winery together it causes a large cluster around which it is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a 6ft buffer.

 Please reconsider outings to our facility with people not in your immediate household until 2021 or after the pandemic has subsided.