Riesling, Semi-Dry
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Riesling, Semi-Dry
Riesling, Semi-Dry

A bright structure and hint of sweetness combine to make this wine wonderful to enjoy, especially with smoked meats or pasta. This Riesling expresses mineral notes of flint, slate, and steel with fruit characters of grapefruit and Granny Smith apple

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Note from a friend of the winemaker:"I thought I'd pass on that we had a cocktail party last night where I served 4 wines, one of them your Semi-Dry Riesling. The others, all but one Michigan, were dry. The food included the smoked dip I make, plus meatballs composed of bulk breakfast sausage mixed with some sage, some shallot and a lot dried cherries. I told all of them that the Semi-Sweet Riesling would go with the smoked fish.

All said, "Ew, I don't like sweet." I said, "It says semi-dry on the label, but you'll never think it's sweet. It's an example of how balanced Riesling can be. Try it with the smoked fish."

So they did, and that bottle was the first to be empty.

By the way, the dip is (in case you're interested) this: Smoked trout, the chunks rather than the fillets. The chunks aren't as salty and they're more moist. I chop some celery very fine and put that in, also quite a lot of fresh dill (when I have it). Then instead of cream cheese, I use plain yogurt, mostly, with just a dollop of mayonnaise. Then I put maybe a teaspoon of prepared mustard, or less, and a dash of hot sauce."

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