Naughty & Nice Red with Santa Pants Carrier | Item No. 393748
Naughty & Nice Red with Santa Pants Carrier | Item No. 393748

Naughty & Nice Red with Santa Pants Carrier
Item No. 393748 | In Stock

The perfect fun treat! A bottle each of our Naughty (dry) RED wine and Nice (sweet) RED wine. Packaged in a cute two wine bottle holder designed like Santa's pants!

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Naughty & Nice Red with Santa Pants Carrier

Naughty & Nice are dry and sweet wines designed to please a variety of palates, including that of a white wine drinker. Medium-bodied easy going reds, these wines are so "naughty" they will easily pair with fish dishes. 

Throw the rules out the window! 

Light red berry fruits characterize this wine with a little mocha richness from the Malbec blended with Old Mission Peninsula grown Michigan red wine varietals.  

Our Naughty (dry) and Nice (semi-sweet) red wines were designed to be low in tannin with smooth finishes.  These wines are made from a blend of Gamay, the same grape grown in Beaujolis, Pinot Noir, Malbec, and varying degrees of Cabernet Franc and Merlot depending on the year.  With 100% stainless steel fermentation, the wines retain their bright berry and cherry fruits to compliment an array of foods.  We enjoy these wines paired with grilled meats, burgers, BLT sandwiches, grilled veggies, and tomato based sauce dishes.

Our founding winemaker, Mark Johnson, discovered many of his customers prefered a white wine, but wanted to enter the world of reds.  With that in mind, he created Naughty - a red wine so Naughty you can cross the traditional wine pairing borders and serve it with fish!  From there, we added the Nice Red to provide a touch of sweetness to the wine.  When chilled, Nice Red makes a terrific warm weather sipper.  Enjoy!

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Naughty & Nice Red with Santa Pants Carrier | Item No. 393748
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Naughty & Nice Red with Santa Pants Carrier

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